Energy Accounting

Energy Accounting is one of the core elements of Technocracy. It is a form of economic distribution<*> unlike anything in use by any nation today. It employs energy measurements to replace money transactions. To the consumer the process is essentially transparent; they need only consume what items and services they will (e.g. transportation, food, entertainment, etc.), and the physical "costs" of this consumption is recorded by the E.A. system, to determine how much of these same things need to be made available in the future. This will however require a change in the concept of "ownership?".

This system has several advantages over its modern counterpart:

  • Energy "income" is non-transferable. This means that it cannot be stolen, gambled, or otherwise lost. It also cannot be used to provide anyone with a "controlling interest" in societal mechanisms, which is commonly known as "bribing". This also eliminates the possibility for profit motive, and thus ensures that all products and services are of the highest quality, with the lowest cost in resources.
  • Energy Accounting is not based on scarcity<*>. It instead measures the actual, physical wealth of a nation in terms of resources and energy. Therefor a nation that employs Energy Accounting is literally as rich as its natural and technological resources.
  • Energy Accounting is not based on "Value," but rather on physical measurements of energy. Thus, the energy "cost" of any item (such as a chair or tire) would be exactly equal to the amount of energy it took to produce this item. These costs would obviously never change, excepting where more energy-efficient means are found to produce said item, in which case the "cost" would only go down with no other economic side-effects. This also prevents the economic oscillations that frequently plague modern economies.

Words preceding a <*> can be found in the Glossary page by clicking on the star.

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Energy Accounting - More in-depth look at Energy Accounting, about two pages long.

The Energy Certificate - This is a detailed look at the original proposed mechanism for Energy Accounting. Obviously, the most modern technology of the time would be used in the actual Technate.

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